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Cute Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is much more versatile than you may think. Many short cuts are low maintenance, allowing you to style your hair in a matter of minutes. Whether your hair is curly, wavy or bone straight, there's a cute and easy hairstyle made for you.

Work With Your Texture

    When choosing a cute and easy short hairstyle, one of the best ways to make styling a breeze is to work with your hair's natural texture. Blow drying and flat ironing aren't easy. The easiest cuts take advantage of your hair's natural ability to curl or lie straight. Consult with your stylist to select short cuts that take your texture into account for the easiest styles.

Minimum Styling Time

    Short haircuts that are less than a couple of inches generally take the least amount of time to style. For straight hair, try a pixie cut, which is an adorable style that looks great on women with oval and heart-shaped faces. Besides combing the pixie straight down all around for a classic look, you can also use pomade to piece it out a little and make it more modern.

    A tapered cut is also cute and easy. Unlike the pixie, this style works well with different textures, from straight to curly. The sides and back are closely cropped, with longer lengths left on the crown; the top of your hair may vary from one to several inches. Straight-haired women can direct the crown to the back for a slicked-back, modern style or gently tousle it for a softer look. Women with wavy or curly hair should use gel or mousse to control their curls and either style them going back or to the side. Close-cut edges and back only need brushing.

More Short Styles

    A bob is an easy and cute short style that works for women with all kinds of face shapes and hair textures; it varies from ear to chin length and works with no parts, center parts or side parts. If you part your hair on one side, pull it behind your ear or use a barrette or headband.

    Shag cuts are great for thick, straight hair, particularly for women who don't want overly stylized hairdos. Because shag styles are mussy and don't require every hair to be neatly in place, they're easy to style with finger tousling or a quick comb and brush.

Adding Flair

    There may be times you want to switch up your look; you may want to straighten your curly locks or curl your straight ones. To reduce styling time in the morning when you're getting ready for school or work, style your hair at night. Use soft sponge rollers to curl straight hair or flat iron curly hair before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, you can quickly and easily finish the style.

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