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Cute Sew-in Styles

Cute Sew-in Styles

Getting extensions is a cool way to change your look on a regular basis. One month you've got short black hair and the next you can have long blond hair. The choice is yours when it comes to deciding on a style that represents you best. If you are getting your weave sewn-in, your stylist is braiding your hair and sewing weaving tracks to your braids for a secure, tight hold. From putting your hair up in a ponytail to curling it to look like a vixen, there are plenty of cute styles for you.

Short & Sleek

    Not everyone wants to have long hair and maybe that's you. The beauty of having your sew-in is that no matter how long your hair is, you can braid it up and sew the tracks on and cut them as long or short as you like. Cut your style in a bob to get hair off of your shoulders for a sleek, chic style. For an edger short 'do, ask for razor cut chunky layers and choose a hair color that is rock solid, such as a bold black or stand-out blond.

Va Va Voom

    For most women, sewing in more hair is to give the desired look of added length and fullness. Styles that compliment big, sexy hair scream a sensual, fun-loving vixen who is confident to wear in waves and romantic curls. Start by curling hair in 1- to 2-inch rollers or use a curling iron to achieve the style. Finger comb the curls out for a messy, bed-head look. Part hair in the middle or off to one side for a powerful, sexy, teasing style.

Get It Straight

    For hair with a lot of length and tracks that are 16 inches or longer, opt for a super slick straight style. Part hair directly in the middle or cut bangs straight across the forehead from temple to temple. Flat-iron hair bone-straight using a light straightening serum. Keep the hair flat and smooth to achieve a super-straight finished look.

Bold & Bouncy

    Tight curls can give your hair a bold, beautiful bounce. Rod hair in super-tight rollers, usually less than an inch. Piece hair in small sections so that you have all of your hair covered in rollers. The finished look will be corkscrew-style ringlets that give your look a wide, large fullness. Use barrettes or headbands to pull hair to one side or off of your face as an alternative look.

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